The Hispano-Uruguayan consortium composed by HIDRIA together with INGENNUS (from Zaragoza) and DOSA (from Uruguay), has just signed a contract with the Rio Negro Government (Uruguay) to elaborate the strategic Plan for the development of the Industrial landscape Fray Bentos ( PIFB), World Heritage Site, and the city of Fray Bentos.

This project, 12 months long, is financed by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), and its objectives are to create the vision of the Territory, to define its priority development objectives and to identify the necessary actions to achieve them in the short and medium term.

The work will begin with a diagnosis of the current situation of Fray Bentos to know in depth the needs and challenges facing the city and the PIFB at the level of land management, conservation and promotion of the Territory, and social and economic development. From these inputs we will work on the elaboration of the strategic Plan. This whole process will be eminently participatory, for which we have designed a series of tools and actions that seek to involve the local population in decision-making.