The international consortium led by HIDRIA together with the Compass tourist Consultancy (Chile) is going to study and elaborate the Diagnosis and Plan of Sustainable Tourism Development of the communities of Porvenir, Primavera and Timaukel, within the Tierra-Del-Fuego Province (Chile). This comprehensive planning instrument aims to promote and develop the community tourism sector, identifying and establishing priorities for investment programs and projects, in accordance with current national, regional and local policies and plans.

In the elaboration process of the Plan a territorial approach will be incorporated, so that it promotes the participation and articulation of local-regional public and private actors, to promote the sustainable tourism development of the sector through actions of research and development in special interest tourism and valuing the cultural and natural heritage.

Among the products expected, there is a proposal for portfolio of public-private investments that will lead to the development of 8 investment projects in tourism infrastructure at the provincial and communal level, in addition to the generation of touristic-patrimonial, and a human capital training plan for the tourist sector.