For two weeks, the technical team of the International consortium formed by HIDRIA (leading company) and METCON Consulting has visited Nepal as part of a recently signed project with the World Bank. This project aims to «develop an innovative vision and associated investment plans for the sustainable tourism development of three priority destinations in Nepal». Among the destinations to be intervened is the Annapurna Conservation Area (ACA), one of the most popular mountain destinations on the international level. We will also work in the Conservation Area of Manaslu and the National Parks of Banke and Bardia.

This project, which will last approximately 6 months, seeks, on one hand, to improve and diversify the tourist offer of a consolidated destination such as ACA and, on the other hand, to dynamize incipient destinations that have great potential. Both strategies are pointed towards making tourist activity a source of income for the territory and contributing to the creation of quality employment and improving the living conditions of the local population.

During the implementation of the project a baseline analysis will be carried out for each one of the destinations. This analysis includes, among other aspects: the evaluation of the supply and the existing tourism demand, an analysis of the situation of the local communities and their role in the Tourist activity, incorporating the gender perspective, etc. Subsequently, the vision for sustainable development and the Plan of Action will be defined, in order to achieve the desired objectives. The plans will include a list of private investments as well as development opportunities for communities.