On January 24th, the Ministry of Tourism of El Salvador and HIDRIAsigned the constract for the elaboration of planning tools and territorial ordering of tourism activity in the priority tourism areas of La Libertad and Usulután ( Salvador). The aim of the project is to promote the sustainable tourism development, through the rational management of its natural, cultural and social resources and the active participation of the stakeholders involved.

The expected products of this consultancy are 3 territorial ordering Master Plans for priority tourist areas: Coast of Balsam (Department of La Libertad), Bay of Jiquilisco (Department of Usulután), municipalities of Alegría and Berlin ( Department of Usulután). We will also elaborate a tourist management Plan of the Laguna de Alegría (Department of Usulután).

The territorial planning and tourist management plans are the planning tools of the tourist area, and they are essential for the sustainable development of the sector as they generate solid bases and tools for better planning and management of the resources that support the tourism activity, according to its potential, ecosystem characteristics, and vulnerabilities, maximizing the quality of the visitor’s tourist experience and ensuring the proper management and conservation of resources.