The international consortium formed by Quanta Consultoria, IberGeo, MCRIT and HIDRIA Science, environment and Development, S.L. began to work this week for the elaboration of the sustainable development Plan (PDS) of the coastline of Paraná. This new project, which is financed by the World Bank, is an important challenge to move towards sustainable development on the coast of this state of southern Brazil.

PDS Litoral Paraná

Project startup activities for the elaboration of the Plan for sustainable Development of the littoral of Paraná (Brazil) 

With the most extensive and best-preserved continuous area of Mata Atlântica on the entire coastline of Brazil, the coastal region of Paraná is a globally recognized hotspot for biodiversity. To the natural values present in the zone, it is added the economic importance of the port of Paranaguá, the largest port in volume of export of grains and agrochemicals of the country. Located in the geographical area of the complex estuarine of Paranaguá, the port and its activity contrast with the existence of one of the most important tourist poles of the state, with the presence of protected islands of high ecological value, landscape and cultural like The Ilha do Mel.

As part of an extensive international team of experts on different subjects ranging from conservation to conflict mediation or sustainable tourism, our consultants will work with the Secretariat do Planejamento do Estado de Paraná to try to To find solutions to combine the future economic development of the region, with the conservation of natural values and the improvement of the quality of life of the local population.