Evaluation of Public Use in Natural Protected Areas of the Special Natural Reserve of Montaña Roja, the Special Natural Reserve of Malpaís de la Rasca and the Natural Monument of Montaña de Guaza

Client: Area of Sustainability, Environment and Security of the Government of Tenerife

Dates: August 2018 – January 2019

Summary: The work consisted in the elaboration of a diagnosis and evaluation of the current public use of these natural protected areas, with the objective of identifying the main problems of a recreational and tourist use that may be affecting their conservation. For this the following actions were developed:

  • Synthetic review of regulated uses within the scope of each of the natural protected areas.
  • Meetings with the main agents of the territory (managers of the areas) to define objectives and establish the scope.
  • Exploratory visit to the areas, evaluating in situ the main public use infrastructures.
  • Executive design of the evaluation method to be implemented.
  • Observation of patterns of use and execution of surveys to visitors and tourists in each of the natural protected areas.

From this evaluation, an Action Plan is derived, with the establishment of measures aimed at correcting the problems detected and improving the effectiveness in the management of public use.