Client: Organization of IberoAmerican States (OEI) – National Tourism Secretary

Date: Nov 2017– Nov 2018


This project is carried out by an international business consortium made up of HIDRIA, AQUATICA and INTUR. Its aim is to support the National Tourism Secretariat of Paraguay (SENATUR) in the preparation of a Tourism Investment Plan as a framework to implement an orderly and sustainable action of tourism development in the West Paraná region.

At a specific level, the project was designed with a FUNDAMENTAL GOAL. This goal is the integration of biodiversity and ecosystem services (natural capital) in the planning and management of river tourism in the Iguazú Lake and Monday River basins until its mouth in the Paraná river.

The specific objectives are:

  • Obtain an inventory of tourist attractions.
  • Make an assessment of ecosystem and biodiversity services that sustain tourist activity in the geographical scope of the consultancy.
  • Prepare a study of the local productive system and opportunities to increase the contribution of tourism to local development.
  • Conduct a study of the legal framework for the implementation and management of sustainable river tourism in the area.

The scope of the work to be developed is:

Preparation of the diagnosis of the current situation of tourism in the Western Region of Alto Paraná

  • Define the priority tourist attractions and the potential tourist products for the territory.
  • Prepare a Database to systematize the information of attractions and tourist facilities.
  • Realization of Local Productive System and Tourism Value Chain analysis.
  • Legal and institutional framework analysis for the development of nature and river tourism.
  • Ecosystem assessment of the natural capital of the territory on which tourism activity is based.

Preparation of contingent valuation

  • Design and implementation of a contingent valuation survey of ecosystem services to know current and potential tourist motivations.
  • Conducting in-depth interviews (online questionnaires) with key agents and experts in priority geomarkets.
  • Realization of 1 Focus Group for a better knowledge of the potential demand.
  • Qualitative Digital Monitoring in social networks focused on the «Millennials» segment.
  • Hold a Socialization Workshop to present the results of the Contingent Valuation.

Definition of priority destinations and preparation of initial Listing of investments

  • Preparation of a list of potential actions based on the detected needs and the potential of the territory.
  • Conducting a multi-criteria analysis for the prioritization of potential actions.
  • Evaluation of the environmental and social impacts and risks.
  • Definition of the corrective, preventive or compensation measures necessary to minimize the impacts of possible actions.
  • Development of digital cartography of prioritized attractions and ecosystem services.

Preparation of Investment Plan

  • Preparation of pre-feasibility studies for the proposed priority investments.
  • Preparation of individualized technical sheets for each of the selected priority investments.
  • Preparation of a Database with the information of the Technical Data Sheets of investments.
  • Preparation of Terms of Reference for priority investments.