Client / Duration:  Regional Ministry of Planning / World Bank. May 2018– November 2018

Summary: The objective of this Project is the elaboration of the Sustainable Development Plan of the coastal area of Paraná Region, an instrument that seeks to balance the foreseen actions promoted by the regional government and the local communities in its three dimensions: environmental, economic and social, in order to promote the sustainable development of the region.

The coastal area of Paraná Region hosts different estuarine complexes of high ecological and economic importance, as well as great tourism potential such as Ilha do Mel or the historical centres of Morretes and Antonina. Moreover, the region is known as one of the areas where the endangered ecosystem of the Atlantic Forest is better preserved, particularly in the municipality of Guaraqueçaba. In addition to these attributes, the port area of Pontal do Paraná is one of the most important on the country in relation to the export of seeds and agrochemicals. Therefore, achieving a sustainable development in the region poses a major challenge that requires to carefully evaluate and balance all existing trade-offs between conservation and development.

The activities carried out by an international multidisciplinary team of consultants included :

  • Fieldwork and analytical work to prepare the socioeconomic and environmental diagnosis of the territory.
  • Workshops and participatory meetings with local stakeholders.
  • Environmental inventory of the coastal region of the state, through secondary sources.
  • Multi-criteria analysis of different scenarios and cost-benefit analysis.
  • Planning and elaboration of programs and actions for the sustainable development of the coastal area.
  • Evaluation of synergistic impacts of the new infrastructure projects to be developed.
  • Meetings and public presentation of the project results.

The outcome of work was the elaboration of a comprehensive document with the actions and public policies that need to be implemented in order to achieve the objectives programed. The PDS_Litoral consists of 5 lines of action, 10 strategic programs and 76 projects that will act as guidelines for action plans and policies designed by public, private, and civil society actors, in order to socially and economically strengthen the Coastal Region of the Paraná State.