Sustainable Development Plan Of The Paraná State (Brazil)
Investment Plan For Nature-based Destinations In Nepal
Executive Projects For Tourism Infrastructure In Protected Areas Of Salta (Argentina)
Development Of A System Of Indicators For Sustainable Tourism In The Dominican Republic
Feasibility Study Of Dual Destination Products In The Natural Areas Of Tenerife And Mauritania
Development Of Land Use Master Plans And Tourism Management Plans In El Salvador
Evaluation Of Public Use Of 3 Natural Protected Areas In The South Of The Island Of Tenerife
Citizen Participation Days In Relation To The Extension Of The Natural Park Of The Llevant Peninsula
Development Of Interpretive Planning For The Castroverde City Council (Lugo, Galicia)
Coastal Sustainable Development Plan For Paraná (Brazil)
Preparation Of The Tourism Investment Plan In The West Region Of Parana (Paraguay)
Design And Characterization Of Ecological Corridors Network In Tenerife Island
Construction Of Tourism Infraestructure In Salta (Argentina)
Diagnosis, Baseline And Tourism Demand Analysis In The Itata Valley (Chile)
Strategic Plan For The City Of Fray Bentos And The UNESCO World Heritage Site “Exfrigorífico Anglo” (Uruguay)
Interpretative Planning In A Biosphere Reserve (Galicia, Spain)
Dynamisation And Implementation Of Ecotourism In Natural Areas Of Tenerife (Spain) And Mauritania
Management Plans In Protected Areas Of Panamá
Road Infraestructure And Tourist Equipment Of The Red Interlagos (Chile)
Maritime Tourism Course In Poio (Pontevedra)
Technical Support For The Tourist Corridors Development Program In Urugay
Coastal Management Policy In Sergipe State (Brazil)
Sustainable Tourism Development Strategy And Plan Of Action In Georgia
Study Of The Portuguese Way Os Saint James, Included In A Cooperation Project  Under A POCTEP Operational Program (Spain/Portugal)
Design And Drafting Of The Cos-Tour Project (Spain)
Feasibility Studies Of The Selected Ideas In The Visionarios Project: 100 Ideas For A New Century (Spain)
Museography Desing And Work Supervision Of Two Museums In Santo Domingo
Diagnosis And Participatory Action Plan In Masca, Tenerife Island
Biodiversity Conservation In Costal Areas In The Dominican Republic (GEF)
Evaluation Of Tourism Experiences In The Mediterranean Sea
Planes Gestión Con Base Comunitaria Islas De Fuvahmulah Y Hithadhoo (Maldivas)
Design And Implementation Of A Community-Based Ecotourism Plan In Maldives Island
Project Design Of A New Oceanarium (Salvador De Bahía)
Technical Seminar On Pescaturismo On The Costa Brava (Girona, Spain)
Training And Accreditation In The Field Of Tourism Knowledge In La Gomera (Canary Islands)
Interpretation Centres In Valle Sagrado De Los Incas, Perú
Specialization Course On Whale-watching
Dune Regeneration In Casablanca (Morocco)
Interpretive Planning At Península Valdés
Interpretive Planning In A Penguin Colony (Argentina)
Ecotourism Management Plan Of Penguin Colony