The Plan for a Sustainable Development of the Paraná State Coastal Region (PDS_Litoral) will be presented this week at public hearings, after almost a year and a half period of intense multidisciplinary work.

Our consultants participated in the development of this ambitious instrument together with a team of more than 20 specialists that make part of the International Consortium ‘Litoral Sustentável’. During the last 18 months, more than 50 technical meetings were held, as well as 26 participatory workshops and 28 public hearings that resulted in the participation of more than 2,000 people.

The aim of the PDS_Litoral is to offer guidelines and strategic actions towards a sustainable development of the Paraná State Coast. The Coast of Paraná houses one of the best preserved and continuous remnant of the Mata Atlântica endangered ecosystem, which clashes with the growing interest in expanding port activities in one of the most valuable port areas in Brazil for the transportation of seeds and agrochemicals, the Port of Paranaguá. Furthermore, the coast of Paraná is characterized by an iconic and diverse landscape of great ecological and touristic interest, composed of estuarine areas, small islands and hundreds of traditional communities that live on the natural resources that characterize this region.

This scenario poses a demand to harmonize conflicting interests and promoting development while preserving the natural and cultural values. In order to address this challenge, the team carried out the systematization, analysis and diagnosis of all existing planning instruments. After establishing a baseline, potential future scenarios were analyzed and dozens of interviews were conducted with traditional communities, academia, businessmen, government and regional entities.

The outcome of the work is the elaboration of a document with the actions and public policies that need to be implemented to achieve the objectives programed. The PDS_Litoral consists of 5 lines of action, 10 strategic programs and 76 projects that will act as guidelines for action plans and policies designed by public, private, and civil society actors, in order to socially and economically strengthen the Coastal Region of the Paraná State.