HIDRIA is a founding member of CONNECTED Development Consultant Associated, a Spanish business association, with offices in Madrid and Barcelona, and with the business vision of working on international projects in Latin America, South Africa and the Asian continent.

CONNECTED is an entity with a vocation for service, to provide solutions to its clients; developing specific work in fields as diverse as biodiversity management and nature conservation, cartography, hydraulic and coastal engineering, biotechnology and management of fisheries and marine resources, tourism development, training and institutional strengthening, community development and adaptive consultancy against climate change.

More info at www.connected-dca.es


HIDRIA is a member of the Galician Association of Engineering and Consulting Companies (AGEINCO), a Galician entity that represents the engineering sector in Galicia and that, being autonomous and independent, carries out its actions at a national level in close harmony with the other territorial associations in Spain. It currently brings together 20 companies and 800 professionals, most of whom have a highly qualified technical profile. The association’s primary mission is to defend the legitimate interests of its members and professionals in the exercise of their business activity, carried out with the utmost respect and demand for moral ethical principles, as well as to improve the conditions in which business activity is carried out and to promote the Galician engineering sector.

More info at www.ageinco.es


HIDRIA PANAMA Ltd. is a company owned almost entirely by HIDRIA, whose main objective is the expansion and business development in the Panamanian territory, combining the effort and technological innovation with the experience and knowledge of the local and regional realities of the country. 

With this commitment to internationalisation, HIDRIA seeks excellence and added value in project consultancy, specialising in work related to the management of protected areas and nature conservation, river basin management and planning, coastal engineering, territorial planning and management, community development and strengthening, ecotourism and consultancy specialising in advising the public and private sectors.

HIDRIA has been part of the Collaborative Space EL SALÓN since its inception, a different place, located in the town of Tegueste (Tenerife), which brings together professionals, companies and above all people seeking to build a more caring, more sustainable and more sensible world.

From this place HIDRIA plans and executes all its projects in the Canary archipelago, promoting interactivity with the rest of colleagues who share the same living space. If you don’t know it, we encourage you to visit us.

More information at www.el-salon.org


HIDRIA CHILE SpA. is a Chilean company wholly owned by the same partners as HIDRIA. It is a firm and decisive commitment to expansion in the South Latin American cone, in order to position itself from Santiago de Chile as a project consultant specialising in tourism and natural and cultural heritage, with a strong involvement in community work and the development of inclusive and participatory methodologies with the population.

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