HIDRIA offers integral project management with a cross-cutting approach of integrated sustainability. We address to all kinds of public and private organizations and focus on 3 expertise areas: ENVIRONMENT, TOURISM and HERITAGE.

We focus on creativity and imagination to create our ideas. Our projects are integrated in the location and conditions in which they occur, and so we create and innovate without ever losing sight of the needs of our customers and the cultural identities of every place where we work. In addition, our experience of more than 14 years, leads us to offer services in 2 complementary areas: PROJECT MANAGEMENT and TRAINING & CAPACITY BUILDING.

Environment and sustainability

  • Planning, Management and Management of Public Use in Protected Natural Areas
  • Design, implementation and monitoring of environmental education programmes
  • Carrying out scientific diving work (studies of the sea bed and water column)
  • Awareness programmes for the conservation of protected species and habitats
  • Inventories, studies and management plans for coastal, island and marine environments
  • Technical Studies on Adaptation and Mitigation to Climate Change
  • Planning, analysis and studies of river basins (hydrology, ecological flows…)
  • Use and Management Plans, Master Plans and Natural Resource Management Plans
  • Application of Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • Impact Studies, Environmental Viability and Integrated Environmental Authorisations
  • Strategic Environmental Assessments and Sustainability Reports
  • Sustainable Development and Sustainable Mobility Plans


  • Tourism Master Plans in destinations and territories
  • Design and management of community-based ecotourism projects
  • Planning, management and development of new tourism products
  • Technical assistance to destinations or territories in the process of applying for/implementing the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism (CETS)
  • Planning and design of trails and itineraries with heritage relevance
  • Strategic and operational planning for sustainable tourism management in protected areas and Biosphere Reserves
  • Design and management of Tourism Interpretation Plans
  • Planning, design and management of services focussed on Nautical and River Tourism
  • Design, strategic planning, implementation and monitoring of Product Clubs in territories of natural / cultural relevance
  • Inclusion and Accessibility Plans in tourist facilities and protected natural areas
  • Planning and design of Cultural-Historical Tourism products, and the revaluation of archaeological sites

Heritage interpretation and management

  • Interpretative Planning of heritage facilities, visitor centres and museums
  • Ethnographic studies of the territory
  • Museography and museology projects
  • Design of programmes, activities and interpretative / informative materials
  • Management and Public Service of Visitor Centres, Interpretation Centres, Museums
  • Drafting of Master/Strategic Plans and economic viability plans for the enhancement of heritage facilities and resources with a focus on sustainability.

Management of international projects

  • Coordination and management of European Projects (MARCO, LIFE+, INTERREG, POCTEP, SUDOE, EUROMED, etc.)
  • Drafting of projects for European calls for proposals (MARCO, LIFE+, INTERREG, POCTEP, SUDOE, EUROMED, etc.).
  • Design, creation and formation of Consortia for Multilateral Projects (BID, WB, BAD, FOMIN, etc.).
  • Development Cooperation Projects
  • Research, Development and Innovation (R+D+i)

Training and capacity building

  • Design of tailor-made training programmes for public and/or private entities in the fields of environment, sustainability, ecotourism, management of protected areas, etc.
  • Preparation of Courses, Technical Conferences and Specialisation/Professionalisation Seminars
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